Play to learn with a customized curriculum. Where learning is not only about acquiring knowledge, but inspiring the imagination and equipping children to seek knowledge.

OurSkool aims to change childcare and after school care by combining tech with play for education in a theme-park environment

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Janice Tan
Our Philosophy


Because there is a GENIUS in every child.

Building an ecosystem of partners in the child development industry is important to us. We welcome all partnership opportunities.

Because we believe every child is a unique individual with different aptitudes and interests, we want each and every child to have a customized curriculum, tailor made for his/her needs. Harnessing the use of IOT and data analytics, 
tap on a core curriculum provided by our partner - Kids Global,
and work with enrichment partners to customize a curriculum for each individual child. We want to ensure that each child is given the space and time to maximize their full potential in an environment of play.
Enrichment Partners

Partner with us for unparalleled benefits. Because your interest is our interest, and ultimately the child''s and parents' interest.

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