A Tailor Made Curriculum

OurSkool aims to change childcare and after school care by combining tech with play for education in a theme-park environment. 

Because we believe every child is a unique individual with different aptitudes and interests, we want each and every child to have a customized curriculum, tailor made for his/her needs.

Harnessing the use of IOT and data analytics, tap on a core curriculum provided by our partner - Kids Global, and work with enrichment partners to customize a curriculum for each individual child. We want to ensure that each child is given the space and time to maximize their full potential.

  • Children are exposed to a variety of enriching subjects and activities

  • Parents tailor make a curriculum based on child’s aptitude and interest

  • All within the childcare schedule

  • Smart spaces occupy kids in between modules

Everything about your Child in your Palm 


Because there is a GENIUS in every child.


Journey to Maximize a Child's Potential

  • High-tech system to track and analyse physical, intellectual, emotional and social progress of your child

  • Technology utilised to provide parents with up-to-date information on each child

  • Both parents and teachers can have an overview of each child with just one click